The concept

Expo en poche, art to be experienced in 4 steps

La palette

My Pocket

for watching short videos for the fun of it and finding information

My Palett

for saving my personal collection and revisiting it.

My Community

for sharing with my friends and subscribers.

My Sponsorships

for helping artists and their projects through crowdfunding.

The editorial 

What is Expo en Poche ?

It is the unique offer, destined for the art lover and the general public, for a moment of relaxation, of culture and of discovery.

Every 2 weeks, short videos offer temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographies, street art.

Offre éditoriale Expo en Poche

To give free access to an exceptional common heritage confined to secrecy

"Expo en Poche" reveals the "hidden" treasures of private collections - offers the possibility to enter in the storage facilities of large museums or artist workshops to share the process of their creation - finds or rediscovers and displays a variety of talents spread over all periods and the entire planet of "Art".

A personalised museum enhanced by a universal library

Potentially for one site out of the 23 edited, Expo en Poche is per year:

10 800 paintings, sculptures or installations

1 600 street art works

8 400 photographies

1 250 "live streaming" of creations, artist interviews or webseries' episodes

Which represents the broadcasting of:

  • 1090 exhibitions through videos of a maximum of 5 minutes,
  • an additional 560 in developed slideshows,
  • 420 "live" multi-camera recordings of creations,
  • 280 meetings with painters, sculptors, photographers, street artists,
  • 28 webseries self realized by volunteer creators.
For more information

3 special offers

An Expo en Poche for everyone...

An offer for People with disabilities

Thanks to the audio description and the subtitling, the offered videos are available to hearing or visually impaired people, the deaf and the blind.

An offer for Youth

At the end of its development, Expo en Poche is able to provide an offer "Small Pocket" equivalent to the adult version.

At this point, an exhibition designed exclusively for the young public is put online, once a month, in each artistic genre, for 4 age groups.

In this narrated video, the young public will discover, in the form of a joyful, educational and poetic journey, a theme dealt with by different movements or one artist in his time

The exceptional artistic adventures

4 times a year, following a call for applications, each website selects a local project needing a long term creation.

The subsidiary of Expo en Poche commits alongside of the artist:

  • financially: in coproduction and a call for sponsorship, …
  • in the media: uploading an online travel log, a webseries of 30 to 45 epidosed, a documentary, an interview.

In return, the artist assigns works for an exceptional auction from which profits are allocated to a humanitarian aid.

The Business plan

To launch Expo en Poche in September 2017

A website and an application available on computers, mobiles and tablets, in 8 languages, 23 versions and produced in 10 countries.

Carte dynamique

Launching branch

  • Serres, France
  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • New York, United States of America
  • San Francisco, United States of America
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Dubai, United arab emirates
  • Yaoundé Cameroon
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Subsidiary under 3 to 7 years

  • Lisboa, Portugal
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Rome, Italy
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Tehran, Iran
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Shanghai, China
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • New Delhi, India
  • Mumbai, India
  • Sydney, Australia

Develop a connected community structuring a multinational company "2.0"

Being an operating group without barriers - where the digital, bridge between our employees, offers the freedom to work at one's own pace, everywhere. The employee will produce "Locally" for a "Worldwide" broadcasting.

Culture of the Collective:
Feeding off of intellectual and human capital readiness where work is not the center of one's life.

Primary criteria for recruitment:
Choosing experienced, talented and people oriented professionals, curious citizens of the world.

The uniqueness of one allows the other to fully express itself.

On 1 September 2017, our artist collective, spread accross the Globe, consists of:

full time permanent jobs
2 327
"half-time" annual working days system jobs (*)
1 000
employing 3 500 persons - allowing the outsourcing of technical functions or specialties not managed by the group.

(*) Expo en Poche garanties an annual volume of activities and income. The collaborator has its own activity in order to honour commitments. These different elements are defined and governed by an employment contract - under local law - binding both parties. This principle is also incorporated for the "full time" with a higher number of days.

Becoming a GAFA in the values of tomorrow's World


  • By making available original contents produced by oneself in 4K and 5.1
  • By generating real economy for the artists through crowdfunding
  • By transcending the virtual of the web and making it real through coproducing cultural events
  • By showing financial solidarity with the industry through the payment of a percentage of profits.

The long-term industrial plan and the evolution until 2025

  • Economical: new subscribers on new territories through the opening of 21 branches and content production in 20 additional languages,
  • Artistic: the arrival of graphic design and animation in the exhibited "arts",
  • Editorial: increase in the number of exhibitions proposed in each genre or modules animated for a young audience, development "artistic adventures" coproduced,
  • Technological: development of an algorithm customizing the offer, creation of a process for multilingualism or adaptations for the persons with disabilities, the launching of a search logic in connection with start-ups.

Our strategy wins its success to the originality and the quality of the content - when the user becomes a subscriber.

The 5 commercial proposals

Including an unlimited access to the universal library or to social network after registration.



  • partial access to videos (the exhibitions + a limited number of viewers)

with advertisement

Subscription "contents"

1€ / month

  • access to the full contents except webseries

without advertisement

Subscription "sponsorship"

2€ / month

  • access to all videos
  • opportunity to become a sponsor

without advertisement

Subscription "Premium"

5€ / month

  • access to all videos
  • opportunity to become a sponsor
  • private or collective access to special and exclusive events

without advertisement

"small pocket"

2€ / month

  • access to the offer and the library

with advertisement

The News

The app

October 2017

Universal library: episode 1 - The library

In those 26 million web pages, available in 8 languages, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, you'll find your personal account (your "pocket"), your virtual collection (your "palette"), social media, the sponsorship section, the short videos and ...

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October 2017

Short videos: episode 5 - Contents on street art

Through 3 videos of 2' each, you'll see a performance during a creation, an interview and a portfolio, the perfect opportunity to discover or to know more about a street artist.

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October 2017

1st "art" video: The storage spaces of the Ziem Museum of Martigues

Lucienne Del'Furia, Chief curator, has chosen for you from the storage spaces of the Ziem Museum of Martigues: 1 seascape and 16 sketches (extracts from the personal sketbooks of Felix Ziem). These works offer a fresh look on the artist and a chance ...

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The group

October 2017


Expo en Poche is now on Vkontakte, Weibo and WeChat. Russian and Chinese subscribers, feel free to join our social medias and to let your circle know about us ! Спасибо and 谢谢!

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October 2017


You're now over 15 000 following Expo en Poche on a regular basis on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … A huge THANK YOU to you all. Feel free to let your circle know about us!

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October 2017

1st "company" video: The Concept

We'll be telling you how Expo en Poche was born in Celine Bachelier's mind. A need! A void! A small and simple idea and an outstanding adventure!

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